In this economy you can’t spend money on a bad book. 

This is where I tell you about the blog. It’s a book blog, I figured there was a need for book reviews, independent and fab. Books are getting published despite the constraining market and I read a lot.

Considering money is tight and consumers have seamless, almost endless choices – reviews are more important then ever before. Word of mouth is vital, the book blogs are good about covering news yet often omit the books themselves. 

So I’m giving it a shot. I love reading, yet like everyone else, I don’t seem to get enough time to enjoy a book. When I do grab a moment, I feel like I’m walking the minefield of bad books with great PR budgets.  Here’s my attempt to convey; love off the novel and all other forms.  

A little about my blogging habit, I blog under my own name, Alex Geana, I’m also a writer for hire and blog consultant (wow, that’s a mouthfull). You can also check out my articles and musing at HuffPo.

What makes a good or great book is highly subjective.  So do leave a comment. Also if you’re a publisher email me and I might be into your book.  

I will never make this a pay-per-post site! Just so you know.

Born in Romania. Grown in CA, now a confirmed Manhattanite, I read on the train every chance I get.  Now that you now a bit about me, 

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One Response

  1. This is a great website! Thanks for putting it together.
    Do you accept e-book reviews?
    best, Karen

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